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You’re asking what you can benefit from gov’t instead of what to contribute — Bawumia says

You're asking what you can benefit from gov't instead what to contribute
You’re asking what you can benefit from gov’t instead of what to contribute

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President, has stated that Ghanaians must consider how they may contribute to the country’s growth rather than continually asking the government.

He mentioned this on Friday, April 29, 2022, while laying the groundwork for a rubber plantation farm in Assin Nsuta, Central Region. The 826-acre rubber plantation, a project of the Anglican Diocese of Accra (ADOA) and financed by the Agric Development Bank (ADB), is projected to produce jobs for the community’s youth.

Vice President Bawumia spoke at the sod-cutting ceremony, praising the Anglican Diocese of Accra for the initiative and emphasizing the enormous benefits it will bring to the local community and the nation as a whole.

Indeed, “in this day and age, when everyone is looking for what they can get from the government rather than what they can give, it gives me tremendous delight and gladness to see the Anglican Church in Ghana, notably the Accra Diocese, become a change agent.” Indeed, practical Bible or Christian theology and ideas are founded on collaboration with the state to help citizens, particularly the poor and vulnerable sections of society, cope with day-to-day issues,” Dr. Bawumia remarked of the Anglican Church.

“I am told that a rubber plantation of this extent, encompassing 826 acres of valuable land, is the largest privately-owned rubber plantation in the country,” he continued.

“This will help to mitigate climate change while also providing work for many people, particularly in the community’s and beyond’s teeming unemployed youth.

It is superfluous to highlight the significance of natural rubber, whose numerous benefits are widely known. Natural rubber is gathered in the form of latex, which is used to make tires, mattresses, shoe soles, hot water bottles, balloons, rubber boots, seal rings, and many other products.

“The production of these using raw materials that can be produced right here in our country offers up a wide range of options for the country, including exportation.”

The Vice President thanked the chiefs and people of Assin Nsuta for donating a significant tract of land for this project. “They truly deserve our highest praise.”

Dr. Bawumia also reaffirmed the government’s commitment to prioritizing the agriculture sector, which he emphasized contributes significantly to the country’s GDP.

As we all know, the agricultural sector contributes one-fifth of the nation’s GDP (GDP). It employs approximately half of the country’s workforce and provides the majority of the country’s poorest households with their primary source of income. As a result, measures such as planting for food and jobs must be prioritized in order to develop our agricultural sector.

“As we all know, Planting for Food and Jobs has five modules, and this rubber plantation coincides with four of them, namely; Food Crops Production and Job Creation (PFJ): where people work, their status rises, and their personal economic life improve and enrich.

Planting for exports and rural development (PERD): a double-edged sword that generates cash for the country while also growing Assin Nsuta beyond its current state.

Greenhouse Technology Villages: Research into methodologies and sophisticated but safe measures of growing our food and living healthy.”
The Lord Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Accra, Rt. Rev’ Dr. Daniel Syivanus Mensah Torto, said the project is part of the Anglican Church’s contribution to the development of the country.

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