Don’t go back to Papa No and open your legs for him again – Twene Jonas tells Tracey Boakye

Don’t go back to Papa No
Don’t go back to Papa No

Twene Jonas has delivered his trademark as he mocks Tracey Boakye for going for a broke man and sponsoring their wedding.

The political activist and social media influencer admonished the actress and filmmaker never to go back to her Papa No (the unknown sugar daddy who has been sleeping with her and is said to be a powerful politician who sponsors her lavish lifestyle) and remain faithful to her man.

Twene Jonas also took a swipe at Frank Ntiamoah, the newlywed husband of Tracey, for being broke and irresponsible but having luckily found her’salvation’ in the purse of the actress.

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The internet is still buzzing and generating varied opinions relative to the forthcoming wedding of actress and entrepreneur Tracey Boakye, which officially goes with the hashtag, Francey 2022.

Shortly after Tracey shared adorable photos of her soon-to-be husband, Frank Badu Ntimoah, some netizens drew parallels between him and Afia Schwarzenegger’s ex-husband, Lawrence Abrokwa.

Indeed, if you put Frank and Abrokwa’s photos side by side, there’s no doubt the two men share a resemblance.

But beyond that, some people are of the opinion that just like how Afia sponsored her wedding and took financial charge of the marriage thereafter, the same template is being replicated by Tracey.

The general consensus is that the marriage could end in chaos, as it happened to Afia, who, coincidentally, is a very good friend of Afia. Could their reason be justified? Only time will tell.


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