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Kumchacha has graduated from being a Pastor to a Comedian – Oboy Siki

Kumchacha has graduated from being a Pastor to a Comedian
Kumchacha has graduated from being a Pastor to a Comedian

The Prophet Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Kumchacha, has changed from being a Man of God to a comedian, claims actor Oboy Siki, whose true name is Nana Ofori Agyemang.

According to published accounts, the founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, according to published accounts, labeled churchgoers fools for giving support for every ministry activity while turning to prayer to resolve their own difficulties.

The Prophet is attributed as saying, “Church members are dumb; when the pastor has a difficulty, they give to aid the pastor, but when they have troubles, the pastor begs them to turn to prayer,” the Prophet is attributed as saying.

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Oboy Siki reacted by expressing his surprise at Kumchacha’s statement, calling him a great man of God.

He claims that this demonstrates how Kumchacha has transformed from a man of God to a comedian.

Currently, he works as a comedian rather than a preacher. While he was expanding his church and business and balancing his time between Accra and Kumasi, Kumchacha wouldn’t have made this statement.

He may say whatever he wants because he now works in social media. Kumchacha mentioned various things that were inappropriate. Being offensive to churchgoers is problematic since everyone is aware that the church has turned into a business.

Kumchacha never referred to his church’s members as fools while he was making money from them, but now that they have stopped giving and realized their folly, he has decided to call them names.

Oboy Siki asserted that the Prophet should appear for interviews as soon as possible because, by doing so, he is opening himself up to criticism from the people.

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