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Energy drinks can k!ll you – Clinical dietician says

Energy drinks can k!ll you
Energy drinks can k!ll you

Frank Ayimadu (RD), a clinical dietician at Accra Regional Hospital, has warned the general public that excessive consumption of energy drinks can result in death.

Dr. Frank Ayimadu stated on GTV’s Breakfast Show with Kafui Dey that excessive caffeine consumption stresses the liver and prevents it from functioning properly.

Energy drinks can be fatal. “People turn to stimulants or stimulants that make them alert, and in that case, they consume energy drinks as a substitute for food,” he explained.

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Speaking about how caffeine in energy drinks damages the liver, he emphasized that there is no nutritional value in taking caffeine. “Taking too much caffeine puts stress on the liver, and don’t forget that the way the liver is supposed to use dejection. What we get from the food we are taking is similar to how the liver uses caffeine. ”

So, the liver is supposed to work on the food you have eaten, but at the same time, because you are ingesting a lot of caffeine, the liver switches from using the end product of the food to working on the caffeine.

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“The caffeine wouldn’t give you the nutrients that your body would give you to thrive. That’s the scariest bit about it, and if you go above 10 to 20 grams, they say it’s a fatal dose which can lead to death, “he said.

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