HomeNewsFemale teacher faces sack because her body is ‘distracting students’

Female teacher faces sack because her body is ‘distracting students’

Female teacher faces sack because her body is ‘distracting students’
Female teacher faces sack because her body is ‘distracting students’

Because of the seductive nature of her body, her parents demand that a well-endowed teacher be fired. These parents believe the teacher’s body is an annoyance and distraction to the students at the school.

Despite all of the criticism and controversy, her body has caused, the preschool teacher from New Jersey stands by her work. The story of the teacher has been reported on throughout the year, but it has only recently gained international attention.

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The lady, who shared her story online, lamented the ill-treatment she received because she has a great body. Her body, she believes, should not be a reason for her removal from her position.

She called for empathy and asked the parents making those demands to consider her feelings as a human being first before subjecting her to transexual treatment because she has an appetizing body.

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She shared the following message online.

“Artist, art educator, influential person, etc. I put years of effort into becoming the woman I am now. strong, prosperous, devoted, driven, etc. Unfortunately, because I’m influential, it’s simple for most people to ignore the enormous amount of effort it took to get where I am now.”

“People frequently ignore the enormous amount of labor required to get here because we only ever display the final outcomes. Even worse, some individuals think that humans are emotionless and formed of stone.”

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“Some fail to remember that their lack of compassion can cause us to lose our ability to control our emotions or the income we rely on to sustain our families.”

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