HomeNewsI sold our daughter for $500,000 – Ghanaian man reveals on TV

I sold our daughter for $500,000 – Ghanaian man reveals on TV

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I sold our daughter for $500,000 – Ghanaian man reveals on TV

Another episode of TV3’s popular Confessions program featured a gripping story shared by a Ghanaian man about how he sold his daughter while his wife was asleep.

He allegedly sold their daughter for $500,000 USD in the form of adoption to someone in the United States after initially telling her that the girl would live with his brother there.

His wife’s threat to locate their daughter after not hearing from her in years has begun to cause him problems.

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“I’ve been married for a few years, and we have two children,” he told the show’s host, Nancy. I told my wife a year ago that my brother in the United States was preparing documents to take one of our daughters abroad because it hasn’t been good for us for some time. We were having problems with everything.

The unidentified man went on to say that he lied to his wife because the child would be given to strangers rather than his brother.

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“I didn’t tell her the truth. What happened was that I sent our daughter away, and she will never return. “I approved the adoption papers. ”

“There’s a man and his wife in the States who are finding it difficult to give birth. Somebody linked me to them. They told me they have half a million dollars in exchange for a child. This money could change my life and my wife’s life. Things were so difficult. And from where I am coming from, and my wife is coming from, there’s no help,” he confessed to Ms Nancy.

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