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Lady married to 2 men and shares the same bed with them says

Lady married to 2 men and shares the same bed with them says
Lady married to 2 men and shares the same bed with them says

Because polyandry is uncommon in Africa, a woman from the Congo who has decided to marry two men has taken many people by surprise.

According to the show’s content, Francine Jisele lives with her children and her first and second husbands, Remi Murula and Albert Jarlace, respectively.

Jisele married Murula six years ago, and the couple has two children. He left to seek greener pastures, cutting off communication with her.

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“Just because life was not easy, the man went on a trip and never came back. I found myself alone out here, I spent three years and a half in a single life without my husband,” she told Afrimax English in an interview.

I lost him after those years. I had feelings for this other man. “After a year with the second husband, the first husband returned,” she revealed.

Jisele had not expected her husband to return after being gone for so long. “I met this woman while working in the mining industry, and she told me about her other husband, and how he left her saying he was going to find a life,” Albert Jarlace explained.

“I felt I didn’t have a choice because we were already together because I had lived with her without knowing she had another man,” he added.

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When Murula returned, he fought Jarlace, claiming Jisele was his wife. “The woman requested that I not abandon her. So I felt compelled to remain with her, and for the time being, we have one child together,” Jarlace explained. “Tuko watatu” (Tuko’s wife) ( there are two men here and here).

This woman is our wife, and we get along well. I haven’t spoken to my wife once since I left. “When I returned, I discovered my wife with another man,” Murula added. Murula requested that Jarlace accompany him. Murula had asked his partner to accompany him, but Jarlace insisted that he had nowhere else to go.

“At first I threw a tantrum but I realized if had talked to my wife she wouldn’t have done anything like that. I had no place to go and I was at fault,” he said.

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“We eat at the same table, sleep in the same bedroom and on the same bed. I love them both. We live at peace at home,” said Jisele. The men share the work and bring home the bacon while the lady respects both of them.

The concern they have is not being able to tell the children apart. The wife identifies the father of the kids When it comes to intimate moments, one of us leaves the other to enjoy. The woman is the one who identifies as the father of the children.

“My family knows my situation and adviced me to calm down because I abandoned my wife,” said Murula. Jisele says it’s hard for her; she wishes each man had a home and she would go to them. She doesn’t want the three of them to keep meeting in the same bedroom at the same time.

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“I want to leave and give space to the woman’s ‘hubby as he is her known hubby. If I could get help with a ticket I would leave and let my fellow hubby stay at his house. The woman wouldn’t accept me to move away,” said Jarlace.

“I am not happy to see us two men sharing the woman; the land and the home are mine and the woman is mine,” he added. As it stands, Muriula said the three will live together until one of them gets tired and leaves.

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