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Dr UN attacks Delay and Kwadwo Sheldon

Dr UN attacks Delay and Kwadwo Sheldon
Dr UN attacks Delay and Kwadwo Sheldon

Self-proclaimed Ghanaian entrepreneurs and event planners Delay and Kwadwo Sheldon have been attacked by media personalities.

Afia Schwar has shared a video of Dr. UN attacking Delay and Kwadwo Sheldon on her Facebook page. Dr. UN appears to be upset about his previous interview with Delay and her line of questioning.

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Remember that when Dr. UN appeared on Deloris Frimpong-Delay Manso’s show, he tried to dodge some of Delay’s questions, but the media personality stretched him on the show while questioning him about his false award ceremony in the name of the UN.

Delay dug deeper into Dr. UN’s life, questioning him about skipping a jail sentence when he was imprisoned for malpractice. The question appears to have irritated Dr. UN, who became aggressive on the show.

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Mr. Fordjour recently told the host that he never rated Yotuber Kwadwo Shelson and will never have an internet fight with him because he is just an SHS boy who has to feed on his news to make ends meet. He also chastised Delay for not asking probing questions.

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