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I sing love songs for my fans, not for myself – Gyakie

I sing love songs for my fans, not for myself - Gyakie
I sing love songs for my fans, not for myself – Gyakie

Gyakie has stated that the content of her songs has nothing to do with her and is intended for the listeners, as the majority of them relate to it in various ways.

On his KSM Show, she told famed Ghanaian satirist and TV/radio personality KSM that it is difficult for her to fall in love because she cannot tell who genuinely loves her and who wants to ride along with her because of her fame.

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“So, I haven’t fallen in love because it is very difficult to tell who loves you for who you are or to tell who loves you because I am Gyakie and they want to brag about it, so that is another hazard,” Gyakie explained.

On the flip side, she said she might give love a try and succumb to the intricacies and power of ts wield.

She, “Although there’s this fear and trying to make sure it is the best, I am still ready and very ready to mingle and give love a chance. So come, come, shot your shot!”

Similarly, she told Ghanaweb recently hovering on the same theme that although she mainly produces love songs, her songs are not reflexive of her life experience.

“I sing love songs for the listeners, but it doesn’t mean I’m in love or sing it out of love experience. Singing is what’s what I do. Maybe when I fall in love in the future, I’ll start feeling what my fans feel when they sing or listen to my songs. The music is for the fans.”

“When it comes to relationships, I don’t pay much attention to it. I’m in my corner, anything that comes my way I’ll gladly accept. At the moment I’m focusing on my studies so later on in the future when God sends someone to me, that’s fine.”

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