HomeRelationship24-year-old lady marries an 85-year-old man

24-year-old lady marries an 85-year-old man

24-year-old lady marries an 85-year-old man
A 24-year-old lady marries an 85-year-old man

Miracle Pogue, 24, of Starkville, Mississippi, met her husband Charles Pogue, 85, in a laundromat in 2019, and the two quickly became friends.

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Charles, a retired real estate agent, finally admitted his feelings for the nurse a year after they met, and he proposed in February 2020.

Charles has no children, so the couple is considering IVF in the hopes of starting a family and ensuring Charles leaves a new generation.

Miracle claims that her mother, Tamika Phillips, 45, and grandfather, Joe Brown, 72, were both supportive of the relationship from the start after witnessing how happy the pensioner made her, but her father, Kareem Phillips, 47, was more difficult to persuade.

“Charles used to bring in one item of clothing and only want me to serve him,” Miracle recalled of her relationship with Charles while working in the launderette.

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“One day he waltzed in there and threw a piece of paper down and said? write down your number. like he’s a player. He was my knight in shining armour.

“We had a good vibe going, he didn’t make me feel weird. It was good conversation, he made me feel comfortable. I knew he was older but I didn’t know his age exactly.

“When I found out I was in too deep, it was a couple of months in and I already had feelings for him. He was my baby and he wasn’t going anywhere.

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