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Kyiri Abosom’s wife is a nobody – Counsellor Lutterodt

Kyiri Abosom’s wife is a nobody
Kyiri Abosom’s wife is a nobody

Counselor Lutterodt, a controversial marriage counselor, has stated that Osofo Kyire Abosom’s ex-wife is a nobody to accuse him of cheating because they are divorced.

Oso Kyire Abosom and his wife’s marital problems became public a few days ago after some audios were leaked into the public domain in which the man of God was accused of impregnating some church members and his housemaids.

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Counselor Lutterodt, on the other hand, has chastised Osofo Kyire Abosom’s wife for washing his dirty linen in public. “Every woman who marries a preacher understands that the man of God is in public, and if anything happens, we (the public) talk about it.”

“Osofo Kyiri Abosom’s wife is unimportant. I’ll explain why she’s a nobody. “She was nobody until she married Kyiri Abosom, and members of the church treated her with the dignity of a First Lady,” he explained.

The counselor also claimed that rumors about Kyiri Abosom’s marriage had been circulating among church members for some time and that he should have handled the situation with caution and haste rather than allowing people to gossip behind his back.

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“Kyiri Abosom has been quiet for a long time, so he now had to pull the members out of the pull-pit. Because it affected the numerical numbers of the church. So address it,” he said.

“There is no marriage on earth that God ordained. God did not ordain my marriage to my wife. I went in search of the woman. If God had told me to marry my wife, I would have made a mistake because I will take my marriage up to God every day.

“There is no break in my marriage. If you want a marriage to last, take a break out. I want to tackle Kyiri Abosom’s issue,” he added during an interview at Okay FM.

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